Charlotte Holland, Jax Cooper and Darcie Fitzpatrick
We would like to congratulate and welcome Charlotte, Jax and Darcie, and


Fr Paul Walsh CSSP is visiting Australia at present.

For those who do not know him he was the a former Parish Priest who saw the inauguration of The Lakes Catholic Parish.

He will be celebrating Mass at St Joseph Church this Saturday at 5.30pm and at St Rose Church on Sunday at 8am.

There will be morning tea after 9.30am Mass at St Joseph Church on Sunday if you would like to greet Fr Paul.

Unfortunately I will be in Perth this weekend for a long standing commitment.

I wish Fr Paul a pleasant stay in Australia and in our parish.

Fr Robert


Alessio Bernardini. 
We would like to congratulate and welcome Alessio, and ask the Holy Spirit to Bless him and his family with a wonderful and lasting faith.


On behalf of the Clergy and Staff at The Lakes Catholic Parish,We wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year for 2019

The Epiphany of the Lord

The reading opens with a twofold summons: 'Arise!' 'Shine!' Called out of darkness, the illumination into which Jerusalem emerges is not merely the light of a new day, a new era of peace and prosperity. It is the very light of God; it is the glory of the Lord.
Other nations will witness the glory of the Lord as it is revealed through the salvation of this people. The light they provide for others is really the radiance of God's glory. That glory is in fact the manifestation of Jerusalem’s deliverance. Thus, Jerusalem's redemption enables others to behold and to walk in God's light. This is why it is told to 'Arise and shine forth!'
The psalmist asks God to bless the king with justice so that the king in turn can exercise justice over the people. This is no ordinary king; he has been placed over the covenanted people to rule them as God would, in justice and righteousness. The test of the character of the royal rule is the care given to the most vulner…

Plenary Council Christmas Welcome Postcards

Plenary Council Christmas Welcome Postcards
All Lakes Parish parishioners are invited to participate in the Plenary Council Christmas Welcome Postcards to share their experience of their Catholic faith.

The reverse side of the postcard invites you to share your understanding of faith and Church toward the Plenary Council. This is a way of building your responses to the question, ’What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?’ People who may be less engaged with the Church or faith canenrich the Church through their varied perspectives.

Following Christmas, these cards can then be forwarded on to “Plenary Council” at PO Box 747, North Sydney NSW 2059 or to the Office for Evangelisation at PO Box 340, Pennant Hills NSW 1715.

We hope your support encourages the spirit of welcome and local outreach this Christmas as we ‘listen to what the Spirit is saying’ (Rev 2:7) in our Catholic community of Broken Bay and indeed across the Church in Australia at this time.Daniel Ang, D…


Tai Chi classes have finished for the year. They will start again after the School Holidays


There will be no CPE for the remainder of the year.  We plan to continue fromFebruary 2019.


People in Papua New Guinea are in need of eyeglasses and hearing aids. Good quality with no broken glass and functioning hearing aids only. Please leave them in the church foyer for collection or speak to Fr Bogdan.


The Mary MacKillop International Mission will gratefully receive all your stamps from Christmas cards and other mail. Please leave a margin of at least 15 mm around them. Containers are in both foyers of the Church.

A Spiritual Retreat to start the New Year.

CCR NSW INVITES YOU TO THE NEW EVANGELISATION A Spiritual Retreat to start the New Year. Jim Murphy International President of ICCRS.

Renowned Catholic speaker who has walked, talked and lived this ministry. Forever known as ’The Man With The Cross’ when in 1992 he walked 6,700kms across the USA carrying a cross giving witness to the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ. St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School Hall Entry & Parking—7 Trebor Road Pennant Hills Sataurday & Sunday 19th & 20th January 2019 9.00am to 4.30pm Cost for the weekend $50 Registration close: Fri 11th January 2019 Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea& Lunch provided. Eucharistic Celebrant: Fr. Hugh Thomas CSsR Parking available on school grounds and on street. Public transport- 10 minutes walk from Pennant Hills station to venue.  Commercial accommodation available nearby. Limited billeting available- contact CCR Ph: 02 9810 Email:

New Mass Times at Peter Cosgrove House

Change to Mass times at Peter Cosgrove House.

Now on the 1st Thursday of the Month at 10.30am.

Plenary at the Lakes - by Cathy Gualtieri

Young family are often asked what they want for their children? These conversations can be heard openly in homes, school playgrounds or sporting and social events. But do we reflect on what we want for them in our church?
·What sort of church do I want my children to grow up in? ·Do the youth see a future for themselves in our church?
The answers to this question can often make us go beyond our comfort zone. We may sometimes feel embarrassed to bring up faith and church with our work colleagues, play groups or at the local park, because we feel we may be judged. But these questions are valid and they need to have a voice put to them.
Now is the time to be heard.  Come along and have a chat at one our parish’s Listening and Dialogue sessions.
“Everyone’s experience of faith and the Church is unique and it’s important that the Plenary Council hears the voice of as many people as possible,” Ms Turvey-Collins said.  
Remember your story matters, the Church is planning for the future. Our future…


Please note the ‘No Parking’ sign that is out the front of St Joseph Church,  it is now a Bus Zone.     This applies 6.30am– to 6.30pm 7 Days.

Prayer for a New Bishop

Heavenly Father and Eternal Shepherd,  you watch over and govern your flock with vigilance and concern. In your immense love,  grant to your Church a Pastor  who will please you by his holiness  and aid us with his unfailing care.  In your time grant us the joy of welcoming  a shepherd formed after your heart. May he be an example of virtue to your people  and imbued with the power of the Holy Spirit,  fill their minds with the truth and beauty of the Gospel.  Grant wisdom, O Lord  to those now discerning your holy will  in the selection of our new bishop.  We ask this in the name of Jesus our Lord  and through the intersession of  our Mother, Mary Star of the Sea.  Amen.

You Share in Christ’s Offices - This Challenge lies at the heart of Plenary Council 2020

You as the Baptised, share in Christ’s Prophetic, Priestly and Kingly offices.
The title above does set us a challenge and lies at the heart of Plenary 2020. click here to read more background on this challenge.
After Mass last week,one of ourparishioners indicated he would leave the solving of the church’s problems to the younger people, thereby indicating he did not want to participate or submit input into the synod.
There are two things about that interaction that struck me, 1.)You are not asked to solve the churches problems, the Plenary Council is not a problem solving exercise. It is a time of opening ourselves to the Holy Spirit and express what lies in our heart which may or may not relate to the issues the church is facing.The question is -
What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?
Do I personally have a clear idea of what I want to contribute? No I do not, but today I feel that the Holy Spirit opened my heart a little on how I may respond. I was walking thro…

We Won’t be Doing Something Completely Novel - Plenary Council 2020

by Fr Noel Connolly SSC, Plenary Council Facilitation Team

The last Plenary Council was held in Sydney more than 80 years ago and was made up entirely of bishops and priests. This time, at least one-third of the delegates will be lay. It will also have world significance because Australia will be the first country to hold a Plenary Council with an open agenda. It will be watched by Churches all around the world.

In a way, our Plenary Council will seem new, but it will not be something completely novel. Ever since the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15), most decisions of substance rested in the hands of councils or synods.

The Council of Trent prescribed bishops who hold annual synods and metropolitans once every three years. St Charles Borromeo effected his renewal of the Church largely through synods.

It was only with Vatican I and the definition of primacy and infallibility that synods lost their urgency and vitality. Power was centred in one man and this centralised authority and de…

Plenary Resources

To find out more you can visit the following sites. · ·
Plenary Video Talks and Music Resources
What do you think God is asking of us
in Australia at this time?

Plenary Council 2020 at the Lakes

This Weekend we start the Plenary Council 2020 process in our parish.
The BIG QUESTION that needs to be forefrontin our minds over this period:
What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?
What is the Plenary Council 2020? The Plenary Council 2020 is a gathering of the Church in Australia to make decisions for the future. Your voice is important. All people are invited to contribute to the Plenary Council agenda by sharing your experience of faith and of the Church.
Pope Francis has challenged us all to speak out boldly- “You need to say all that you feel with parrhesia” [boldly, candidly and without fear].See article on page two for more details
This is what lies at the core of thePlenary Council 2020 , our response to the challenge put to us by Pope Francis. In this process we are encouraged to speak out boldly and with passion, listen with an open and humble heart.
This challenge is not just for the practising Catholic, but includesthe non-practising, the angry, the …

Plenary 2020 at the Lakes Resources.

To find out more about Having your Say and why you should,  you can visit the following sites.
We will release more details on how you can respond and make your contribution over the next couple of weeks
You can also join a listening session. The listening sessions are held throughout the diocese and will be held in our parish. To find out more about listening sessions in the diocese go to
If you are interested in attending a listening session or have any questions,drop the team a note we will publish dates and times for listening sessions throughout the next six weeks .
Plenary Video Talks and Music Resources

Can you give an Hour on a Sunday, Once a Month?

At St Rose we have 17 volunteers, who take communion at least once a month, some  more than once a month,  to people at War Vets, Elizabeth Jenkins and Plateau View, visiting some 69 people over the month.  Some people are only visited once a month!
Can you give one hour a week? 
If not on Sunday another day maybe.? 
If you are interested and want to know more, Please contact parish office on Phone:  9982 1057—Email:


All paid or volunteer workers engaged in a child-related role must have a clear Working with Children Check to work in a child-related ministry. This disclosure references the legislation, Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012.


Through its listening and dialogue sessions, the Plenary Council will give all people the opportunity to say what is on their mind and in their heart. It is a chance to speak boldly but also listen with an open and humble heart.

There is much pain, distress and anger to name a few of the emotions of the people of God. Socially and demographically, Church composition has changed significantly over the last 40 years. Our institutions have grown and we find people where they gather now, not where the primary points of congregation used to be in our parish churches. We are charged to hear the many voices.

So it is timely for us all to participate in this plenary process. But to do it requires imagination not only of the organisers but of the participants. Under canon law, 50% of the members of the Plenary will be ordained clergy. It is critical that the voices of many are heard gently through this initial stage so that the conversations transmitted to them reflect impetus, not just noi…

Plenary Council 2020 - Working to make sure Jesus is at the Heart of Everything

Archbishop Mark Coleridge says he will be “working to make sure Jesus is at the heart of everything” as he prepares to lead Australia’s Catholics through the sexual abuse crisis and the upcoming historic plenary council.

“This will mean helping the Church find a distinctively Gospel voice in the great social debates – not fighting ideology with ideology, but engaging issues with the power of the Gospel,” Archbishop Coleridge said.
“Throughout history, the great surges of Gospel energy have come when things looked grim. That’s where we are now,” Archbishop Coleridge said.
“The great opportunity we have is to open ourselves to the power of God in our weakness and allow God to build a new and unexpected future for us.
“That will mean a humbler, simpler and more joyful Church. It will also mean a more missionary Church.”
Click here to read full article

Why Plenary Council 2020 Matters

The Plenary Council to be held in 2020 represents an extraordinary and unique opportunity to discover and discern, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the future course for the Church in Australia. It is time to ask “What do you think God is asking of us in Australia?”

The Plenary Council opens up opportunity for all of God’s people to name those issues that are important to our faith, and to share perspectives and practices that God can use to touch ordinary lives. As a gift of the Holy Spirit, the Plenary
Council has the potential to open up new horizons within ourselves and our Catholic communities, to discern ways to live our faith anew in contemporary Australian society. It will decide and legislate on matters that will shape and impact upon generations of Australian Catholics to come.

(Rev 2:7) Why Plenary Council 2020 Matters